Why Pure Steel?

Pure Steel Products was the first company of it's kind in South Africa, being established in 1993. And yes - those grids we first made way back yonder? They're still around! That is why we have been - and always will be - the industry leader in stainless steel wire manufacturing.

Pure Steel strives to create high-quality products from a material that will stand the test of time in our disposable society. Great material combined with even greater workmanship gives you a product that will last decades!

Our electro-polishing service just adds that extra, unique sparkle - not only adding to the looks, but making the product more robust and corrosion-resistant than ever. Combine this with the incredible properties of 304 Stainless Steel, and you get a virtually indestructible product.

Our products will not rust, tarnish or discolor with age and you can use them almost anywhere, whether it is wet or dry; sterile or dusty!